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With our fleet of taxis and our experienced and English-speaking taxi drivers we provide you the best possible service.
Anywhere in the Netherlands and beyond.


Our Specialized Services

We specialize in crew transport

of seafarers, to and from all seaports, airports and train stations.

We transport seafarers from and to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

We monitor incoming and
departing flights so seafarers are picked up on time and arrive at the airport to comfortably catch their flight.

Boers Crew Services drops off their passengers in front of the check in desk.

Fast. Professional. On time.



Regional Airport Rotterdam The Hague is located 5 minutes from our office and close to the Port of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam the Hague Airport is an European regional airport with direct flights to most European cities.

Boers Crew Services drops off their passengers directly
in front
of the check in desk.

Fast. Professional. On time.

The port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest sea port. The port owes its leading position to its outstanding accessibility for seagoing vessels and to its intermodal connections and the 180,000 people working in and for Rotterdam’s port and industrial area. A place where unlimited ambitions can become reality.



The port of Amsterdam is the second largest port in The Netherlands. It is the 4th port in Europe by metric tons of cargo. The port is located on the bank of a former bay named the IJ and the North Sea Canal, which is connected to the North Sea. The port was first used in the 13th century and was one of the main ports of the Dutch East India Company in the 17th century. In 2014, the port of Amsterdam had a cargo throughput of 97.4 million tons, most of which was bulk cargo.


The Port of Antwerp has been an indispensable link in world trade since the Middle Ages. Today, 150,000 people contribute to this success story and there is a close cooperation between private enterprises, the authorities and the Port Authority. All these people and parties contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future for the Port of Antwerp and its surroundings!

hotel transfer

Not enough spare cabins on board? Is your vessel delayed?

We will bring your crew to a hotel near the harbour and arrange their transportation to the vessel or the airport once possible.

request hotel taxi

train transfer

In case your crew will travel by train to the port we will arrange their pick up from the train station at the easy reachable meeting points.

If your offsigning crew will travel by train to the airport we will bring them from the vessel to the train station and will assist them with buying a train ticket to their destination.

request train taxi